Hi there, my name is Steph (better known as Mango), and I am an un-normal girl living a very normal life! I work in a bank in South London and have a delightful little 3-year-old who goes by the name of Caleb (or Lebs for short). I love pancakes, smiles, hugs, and a starry night sky, warm rain in the day, birdsong in the morning and hot chocolate when its cold! My very favourite season is Autumn. I love the weather and the fashion. I love the sight of the leaves on the ground, the fogs and mists, the bright stars at night, the harvest and sometimes even the storms (who am i kidding, im terrified of storms).  I would like to make my own clothes and then cycle to the end of a rainbow. Or Brighton! There’s not as much gold in Brighton but I like shells too so why not! I hope you will share my adventures (or misadventures) with me!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. healing wanderer

    I like your introduction – it is inviting, lively, light-hearted, personal and warm.

    Thank you for following our animated animals’ group 🙂
    I hope you enjoy visiting there as much I like it here.

      1. healing wanderer

        Thank you for letting me know – I am especially glad to hear that! Thank you for following my familyhurts blog as well. I didn’t just stop by here – I am a returning customer, too 🙂

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