An Ode to the Classics


This style mood I have for January is an Ode to the Classics. Fabric, texture and cut gas been lost on designers as of late but I see a slight re emergence of awesome cuts and shimmery fabrics. The allure and glamor that is reflective a time gone by, where we dressed to impressed, had fun, and looked good doing it. The more I look at influencers and entertainers I keep getting stripper vibes. I’d like an up grade from all the thigh and cleavage everywhere, and dial back to a time where things had a bit more brilliance.

The cut, the color the creativity! A balance between jacket and cape. French style pea coat with wings. Dazzling!

The shimmery skirt and the flow and movement. Stare at all that glimmer!

Artistry of stitch. Victorian meets Edwardian with a Spanish twist.

Lace half top with 3/4 length sleeves is already…

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