Hindu Squats and the Afro Thunder

Well it has been a while hasn’t it?

I’d love to say I have been clocking up some serious miles and gone from beginner to semi pro in cycling skills … Alas, in truth whilst I have taken some commutes to work, I haven’t had as much time as I’d hoped to go cycling.

First of all, I been eating way too much of things like this:


Hot waffles with bananas and toffee ice cream and caramel syrup… and cream… so naughty!

Extremely yummy but all I want to do after such treats is relax and read a gossip magazine!

Another issue I have encountered is Lebs hair! Normally, I plait it, so using a helmet is no problem.  It also means that I can still go cycling when I want to, without having to find a baby sitter first.  However Lebs scalp has recently been very sore so I have had to give the plaiting a rest.

But there is no helmet for Afro Thunder!

Afro Thunder!

Afro Thunder!

So no passenger ride for Lebs for now.  I’ve found out that Caroline actually is really great for leading Lebs home from nursery. So we walk to and from nursery and I can ride the rest of the way to work.

Lebs walks faster whilst holding onto Caroline!

Lebs walks faster whilst holding onto Caroline!

I’m frustrated though that I haven’t been able to go on longer rides.  What I would like from cycling besides all round fitness is stronger legs, a more toned shape.  My work is not far enough from home for me to harvest the results I would like.

I discussed my worries with a cycling friend who also has commitments and was advised to try Hindu Squats between riding days.

I do squats generally and couldn’t see initially what was special about Hindu Squats.  I was hell-bent on completing the 30 day squat challenge despite the fact that my cycling friend promised me it would not particularly improve my cycling:

Squat challenge I was following originally
Squat challenge I was following originally

But then I tried them! I started to feel results within days. (See a demonstration here ). And there was no need to do hundreds of them!

In fact I was so excited to feel the beginnings of muscle bulge in my thighs that I hurried out to try a hill near to home which normally proves troublesome… I cleared it! It was still hard but I felt empowered by my new strength.  Suddenly I felt I had finally progressed from my first time!

So I will be continuing with these until Lebs hair back on the bike with me once more, and beyond.  What kind of exercises do you do between rides?  All tips are welcome!

7 thoughts on “Hindu Squats and the Afro Thunder

  1. shalilah2002

    I don’t ride a bike but I have a cycling exerciser on my backyard patio. My husband bought it from a thrift store and I love it. I do a morning stretch routine between also and I think I’ll try dancing exercising.

    1. mangocherrysteph Post author

      I am recently learning how important stretching is for any sort of exercise, I definately need to follow you there. I want to try dancing, but I’m not confident. Need to work on it! Do let me know how you get on

  2. parf

    i work for a supermarket delivering shopping so am squatting and lifting loads of up to 40kg and carrying up steps etc this has helped my cycling fitness massively im 46 had a brain haemorrhage 2 years ago but am now fitter than ever mountain biking 30+ miles at a time, any additional exercise is going to help in some way. you know what they say “every little helps”

    1. mangocherrysteph Post author

      Believe me I admire ANYONE doing that sort of work… I know my orders alone weigh a ton! Congratulations on your recovery that’s brilliant. I can’t wait until I can knock up that type of milage!

  3. Shakti Ghosal

    As you notice these several “temptations” coming in between you and your stated intention of cycling, where do you see your energy lie? What else could you do?


    1. mangocherrysteph Post author

      It’s mainly about just getting into the habit… we are creatures of habit so I have to bring cycling more into my daily routine as opposed to an extra hobby… Which I have been recently working on and will write about soon! 🙂


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