Bike Neglect and a Poorly Preschooler


It’s been over a week now since I was last able to get on my bike. I’m still not confident about using my bike on road at all with Lebs (spell checked to herbs for a change and not Legs). Weather has been dire and babysitting is sparse at the best of times. 

Today I was called at work to say my little fella had collapsed at nursery and had a very high temperature. I’ve since had it explained that little ones who are very active with a fever can collapse to force the body to keep still and calm down. He’s at home now lapping up the extra fuss like a seasoned pro.

l foresee a biking dry spell for the next few days so if anyone can let me know what sort of exercises I can do at home until I can pedal again without an exercise bike I’d be so grateful!

6 thoughts on “Bike Neglect and a Poorly Preschooler

    1. mangocherrysteph Post author

      Thank you for that. In the end I did something of a spring clean with the music! Unfortunately for my neighbours I also sang my loudest! Today I ache all over so I’m going to count it as a work out. 🙂

      1. WilderSoul

        Funny that, I was going to mention housework and gardening, and thought, No… she probably does plenty of that already! It is a great workout to music. Spring cleaning, or “Sing Cleaning?” 🙂 Hope the aches ease off soon for you!

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