Rugby, Flagbearing, and A Very Handy Jacket!


I got to stand on a real pitch eek!

Recently I got an incredible opportunity – to be a flagbearer at one of the Rugby 6 Nations 2013 matches at Twickenham.

I’d never seen a rugby match even on television and had no clue what flagbearing was all about but decided to throw caution to the wind and go anyway. My friends quite rightly pointed out that I might view first hand some sets of muscles that I may never have an opportunity to see again! So why not?

As it turns out it was absolutely great! I met some fun people and got to stand in front of 81,458 people at the start of the match which was England vs Italy… and England won fairly easily so the atmosphere was good! I was even caught on BBC1 – my 0.01 seconds of fame! You had to be pretty eagle eyed and nifty with the iplayer to really see me.

We simply had to hold down a banner whilst the national anthems for both countries were being performed by the Rugby teams. I didn’t get a photo being held by all of the team like I hoped but I did get this:


I was close enough to smell them - sweaty!


Thats me! Closest to the camera


There was a lot happening at the same time


All flag bearers for the 6 nations banner


The turf felt AMAZING...


The concept of the game itself was easier to me than football. However men were getting substituted every 5 minutes… not sure gaining such great physiques is worth getting quite so beaten up!

We were given 6 Nations jackets which we were subsequently not allowed to wear on screen (believe me it was freezing). However this jacket is perfect for me to use for cycling until I get myself some proper cycling clothing. Its like an anorak, with a nice roll up hood and zip pockets. Handy!


This jacket should be great to cycle in

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